Elevate the access control experience in apartment buildings and professional real estate.

The problem

Residents in multi-family homes often grapple with the challenges posed by frequent tenant turnover. In the absence of 21st-century doorbell features, the scenario becomes a breeding ground for chaos during package deliveries, inhibits neighbor interactions, and results in the unfortunate loss of letters in the hallway.

The solution

Enter Heymdall - a revolutionary solution designed to elevate the access control experience in apartment buildings and professional real estate. Heymdall doesn't just address these issues; it transforms the living experience. Offering unparalleled security, seamless usability, and an intelligent, foolproof solution, Heymdall stands as the beacon of innovation in this space.

The ambitions

Having undergone rigorous testing by numerous stakeholders, Heymdall's high-end product is now fully developed and primed for success. The year 2024 marks the commencement of Heymdall's international commercialization strategy, with a strategic focus on collaboration with architects and domotica installers. Join Heymdall on this journey toward redefining access control and setting new standards in residential security and convenience.

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