Belgium's leading hospitality management platform & service within the short- and mid-term rental market.

The problem

The hospitality business holds challenges for both the owner and guest. 

Owners struggle to find the highest return on their real estate investment, while being relieved from the technical and operational hassle.

Guests struggle to find quality short- and medium-term rentals. They expect a hassle-free travel experience with fast communication and digital tools to enhance their stay.

The solution

HUSWELL, a two-sided hospitality management platform.

For owners, HUSWELL offers a unique mobile and web-based application. It is an end-to-end hospitality management solution, a service & brand for owners to add their properties to.

Via the application, properties are distributed to multiple booking channels such as Airbnb,, vrbo and hometogo, including HUSWELL's own booking platform. In addition, HUSWELL optimizes the ranking and prices via algorithms, receives all reservations, arranges communication, processes, payments and all other administration.

For guests, HUSWELL offers a quality brand & experience. When booking with HUSWELL, the guest is serviced by a digital environment that shows all booking details, with 24/7 multi-channel communication, a curated marketplace and much more. FACT: This marketplace alone generated half a million euros in passive income by 2023.

The ambitions

Very straight forward: becoming Europe's leading hospitality management solution.

What is the HUSWELL recipe for that?
In the first place, being an end-to-end hospitality management solution for the short- and mid-term rental market. Second of all, a quality ensured booking platform for the short- and mid-term rental market. And last but not least, a quality brand that will organically support the hospitality solution & booking platform.

The trajectory is already in full motion, HUSWELL recently acquired a French niche OTA and is currently speaking with two other targets in Spain.

Interested in this project?

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Are you the kind we are looking for?

01. Smart Capital

Business Angels who are seeking to invest a section of their (private) assets and leverage their network, experience or expertise to create value.

02. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists who aspire to invest professionally, have the experience to scale quickly and are looking for qualitative, pre-screened dealflow.

03. Private Equity

Investment Managers looking to create a return through investing in ambitious, growing ventures.

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