Selling your home the easy and affordable way.

The problem

Homeowners aiming to sell their real estate currently have two options available: use a real estate agent or sell by themselves. However, real estate agents are very expensive, typically charging a 3% (excl. VAT) commission fee. Moreover, research indicates homeowners using a real estate agent on average sell their property at a lower price than owners selling by themselves. On the other hand, owners selling by themselves face a daunting web of regulations and often feel insecure running such a high-stakes transaction. 

The solution

IMMO IQ is a digital one-stop-shop that guides owners through the entire sales process and takes care of all necessary inspections, documents, valuation, photography, copywriting, marketing, guidance and legal advice. Homeowners take care of the house visits. Because of this setup, owners receive all necessary support and real estate expertise they need, while IMMO IQ can keep the costs limited to just a fraction of a real estate agent's commission.

The ambitions

Over the past few years, IMMO IQ has developed a robust and predictable client acquisition process where every €1 they invest in sales & marketing translates into ~€2.5 gross profit. Their clients are convinced too, ~40% of the leads become clients of IMMO IQ and they consistently achieve high client satisfaction ratings. They helped hundreds of clients selling their homes.

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Are you the kind we are looking for?

01. Smart Capital

Business Angels who are seeking to invest a section of their (private) assets and leverage their network, experience or expertise to create value.

02. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists who aspire to invest professionally, have the experience to scale quickly and are looking for qualitative, pre-screened dealflow.

03. Private Equity

Investment Managers looking to create a return through investing in ambitious, growing ventures.

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