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The great mismatch

In today's dynamic job market, only 13% of employees are truly engaged at work. Disengagement among employees is widespread, with 72% quietly quitting, and 15% actively disengaged and harming both their own well-being and their organizations.

On the other hand, employers face a significant challenge in attracting and retaining top talent, with 90% experiencing difficulties in attracting the right candidates, and 54% unable to find candidates with the desired skillset.

Furthermore, finding talent becomes increasingly more difficult and costly. The cost of a bad hire can quickly reach €35.000, and finding the right talent costs companies between €15.000 and €25.000 on average.

Our solution: karamel.career 

Karamel - where companies apply to candidates - is a career platform that addresses these challenges head-on. Our platform empowers candidates to create skill profiles, anonymously matches them with job opportunities created by companies, and facilitates contact between the two parties. Our business model, which charges companies per accepted contact request, ensures a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for all stakeholders.

We successfully attracted clients such as BDO, Delaware, Belfius, the Flemish government..., resulting in a revenue of €257K year-to-date. 

Investment Opportunity

We are currently seeking equity investors to fuel our growth and achieve critical mass in Flanders. 

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Are you the kind we are looking for?

01. Smart Capital

Business Angels who are seeking to invest a section of their (private) assets and leverage their network, experience or expertise to create value.

02. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists who aspire to invest professionally, have the experience to scale quickly and are looking for qualitative, pre-screened dealflow.

03. Private Equity

Investment Managers looking to create a return through investing in ambitious, growing ventures.

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