X-OATS offers ready-to-make breakfast shakes based on oatmeal.

The problem

A lot of people have no time to prepare an extensive breakfast, but still want to care of their health. They are looking for a fast, convenient but healthy solution. Typically a problem that women with young children encounter. Recognizable? You are not alone! 

The available options of protein- and meal shakes are often packed with unnecessary additives and quick sugars, not to mention the taste, or rather the lack thereof.

The solution

Ready-to-make breakfast shakes based on oatmeal. The overnight-oats of X-OATS are aimed at people who have little time to have a healthy breakfast due to their busy lifestyle. X-OATS is available in different flavors and is a mix of 100% natural ingredients including oatmeal, fruit and plant-based proteins.

The ambitions

X-OATS has already served more than 2.500 customers and sold over 70.000 portions. The European market for meal replacements is currently estimated at 1.8 billion euros and is growing year on year. This represents significant growth potential within a booming sector that is constantly evolving towards more health-conscious and time-saving solutions.

The ambition is to help even more people in Belgium with a healthy breakfast choice, but also to expand further to the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. The meal replacement market is a growing market, so there are still a lot of plans to be made.

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