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The Harbour is a matchmaker. We’ve supported almost 300 growth companies in finding the right investors for almost 100 mio EUR. Through our strong network, expertise and (inter)national experience we match investors and entrepreneurs that reinforce each other in more ways than just financially. It’s in our DNA to make investing an enjoyable process for both parties.

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Preparation is key

Skip groundwork and get to business straight away. We select your businesses to invest in and prepare all the necessary paperwork with great consideration. This saves you a vast amount of time. And most importantly, you can rely on us for quality assurance. Before we send a proposition, the entrepreneur has gone through a careful screening, the business plans are challenged and well substantiated by our team of funding experts.

Made-to-measure approach

Based on your interests and preferences, we provide you with the best possible match by selecting the most relevant cases we are working on: investment opportunities in diverse growth companies that trigger your enthusiasm.

Your perfect partner in the process

During the entire matchmaking process, you can rely on The Harbour as your sounding board. We guide both parties up until the closing of the deal and ensure the smoothest and most effective procedure for everyone involved.

Groep meeting

Up for investment but not so much for all the hustle and bustle?


Time is money, we know. Imagine the time you’d win if all the fuss was no longer your problem. We’re more than glad to guide you through the process, whether you're a first-time investor or genuine warren buffet. The time we save for you, you can spend looking at new opportunities.


As an investor, you are provided with a dataroom with all required information about the company of your match. Our team of experts arrange the investment presentation, financials, and other relevant documents so you have all required in-depth analyses at your disposal.


Our investment proposals are grounded and made with great consideration on all levels. You can rely on us for your successful deal and your comfort.

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The Harbour is a matchmaker

We've made it our mission to match investors with the most promising growth companies. Our approach is as personalized as it gets, crafted specifically for you. By aligning with your interests and preferences, we diligently identify and present the most relevant investment opportunities. We're all about getting straight to the best deals for you, without unnecessary delays. Efficiency is our middle name!

On-target assistance, for founders and investors

After our thorough screening process, we stand by every entrepreneur, guiding them through the entire funding journey. We either craft or challenge and finetune their financial plans and collaboratively assemble compelling investment materials. The outcome? A curated collection of promising growth companies, in various stages and industries.

As an investor, you're well aware of the path ahead. The Harbour serves as your central hub, where meetings are arranged, and queries find their answers. We provide the framework. From deal origination to closure, we play the roles of a sounding board, sidekick and sparring partner. Primarily for the entrepreneur, but equally for you as an investor. Naturally.

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Are you the kind we are looking for?

01. Smart Capital

Business Angels who are seeking to invest a section of their (private) assets and leverage their network, experience or expertise to create value.

02. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists who aspire to invest professionally, have the experience to scale quickly and are looking for qualitative, pre-screened dealflow.

03. Private Equity

Investment Managers looking to create a return through investing in ambitious, growing ventures.

Get big 4 quality, combined with wolfpack energy

Our team of funding experts is always hungry for more

Ambitious and dynamic, but above all experienced as a team of experts. We house hotshots with many years of (inter)national experience in the world of entrepreneurship, funding, legal and finance. Our advisors challenge themselves and others to consistently raise the bar.

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