Our Winning Process

The Harbour is a matchmaker, boasting a track record of facilitating connections that have resulted in almost 100 million EUR in funding. With a robust network, seasoned expertise, and extensive international experience, we’re adept at matching entrepreneurs with precisely the right investors. Making investing enjoyable is ingrained in our DNA. Ready to dive into the excitement of private equity investments?

01. Intake call & onboarding

During a virtual intro meeting, we delve into a comprehensive understanding of your professional background and investment thesis. By exploring your preferences, including likes and dislikes, preferred ticket sizes, industry preferences and maturity considerations, we construct a detailed investor profile for you. This meticulous profiling enables us to curate a selection of highly tailored deals that align perfectly with your specific criteria.

02. Deal origination and prepping of the entrepreneur

We assist the entrepreneurs in choosing the right funding strategy, fit for their scale and prepare them before presenting them to you as an investor. This way, you will only get ‘investor ready’ propositions.

03. Proposition & intro call with the founders

Through personalised emails or calls, we present carefully curated investment opportunities that align seamlessly with your unique investment thesis. Should any of these opportunities capture your interest, we arrange an introduction meeting, allowing you to connect directly with the entrepreneur and dive deeper into the potential synergy.

04. Due diligence

Should your interest be sparked, our team of funding advisors will seamlessly take charge. They’ll accompany both you and the entrepreneur through the entire journey of due diligence and contracting, ensuring a smooth and thorough dealmaking process.

Don’t lose your precious time and join our club!

01. Dive into quality files today

From investment presentation to financial plan or valuation, all funding files you’ll get to look into have been perfectly prepared especially for you. That’s time well spent.

02. Our approach is made-to-measure

The Harbour priorly selects only high-quality growth companies to ensure you the best possible match and lead you straight to the best possible deal.

03. We facilitate – from calls to closing

We provide top-notch guidance to our clients, ensuring that as an investor, you have clear expectations. Consider us your dedicated partner and central point of contact, ensuring the utmost quality in your investment.

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